Rehoming and Welfare

The Maltese Club is fortunate to have two very experienced Rescue and Welfare Officers. Val Blore, Northern Rescue and Lee Studholme, Southern Rescue. Val and Lee’s task is to re-home with minimum disruption to both past owners and future owners, and most important of all, to the little Maltese who through no fault of their own are in need of help. If you have any difficulties you should contact the Welfare Officers for advice and help sooner rather than later.

The process will begin with assessing the general health. The condition of the teeth. Gingivitis – inflammation of the gums – can affect the whole body. The condition of the coat will have to be assessed and dealt with as necessary. After treatment the dog will feel more comfortable. They may also need care of their feet. Overgrown nails and matted up pads can make it painful for the dogs to walk. Their eyes may need attention if an overgrown coat has caused matting. Drops may be needed if there is infection. Ears can turn out to be very problematic. Ear problems need to be fully resolved before any serious re-homing can take place. Some dogs coming into rescue can be very fearful and sometimes aggressive so a lot of love, care and patience is needed. It can take a while before they can be re-homed. If you are thinking of adopting a Rescue Maltese you need to be aware that it will take a much longer time to settle and might require retraining. The rescue of a Maltese can be expensive in the form of Vet fees. The Officers do not charge for the love and care they give the dogs.

To adopt one of our rescued Maltese you will required to sign an Adoption Contract and agree to our code of ethics – donation upon request. The Maltese Club hold a Fun Day annually in aid of Welfare and Rescue and all money goes to funding medical treatment. This event is held in July and all owners of rescued dogs and everyone else is very welcome to come and enjoy the races, fancy dress competitions and all the other fun filled activities. The next one will be on the 22nd July 2018. For further information keep an eye on the website. Please don’t expect you can just pickup a Rescue Maltese. If you feel you could help and give the love and care required you would need to contact The Maltese Club Rescue and maybe go onto a waiting list. Contact details below.

Val Blore President Welfare & Rescue (North)
Tel: 07917 683757

Lee Studholme Welfare & Rescue (South)
Tel: 07789 755458