Maltese Club Open Show Sunday 3rd December 2017 – Judge Andrew Stewart



Andrew Stewart Judges Report


Judge: Mr Andrew D Stewart (Ingerdorm)

Always very nice to judge breed club shows, this was no exception. I  really do appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into showing a white coated breed, but we must remember muscle tone and body condition is important. A lovely entry on paper but marred by a dreadful absentee rate. The committee put together a delicious Christmas buffet but there was hardly any exhibitors there to enjoy it, such a shame! With only two breed clubs in the whole of the UK, this show should have been much better supported. I would like to thank Martin Frostick for stewarding, he was not only helpful but hilarious and kept myself, the exhibitors and my friend Ellen Harvey going with plenty of laughs and giggles.


1st Rycraft ‘KATENNY LILAC AND RIBBONS’ – nicely balanced 7 year old bitch. She had a proud head carriage kept high at all times. Sound body condition, good spring of rib. Tail set a touch low. Her head was pretty though lacked a little nose pigment. Straight front and firm rear with nice angulation. Nicely presented, well handled. Best Veteran in show today.


1st Balfour ‘SNOWKAI’S LIGHT IN THE DARK’ – 11month lad who is maturing very nicely. I loved his ‘cocky’ attitude, so full of his own self importance. He so knows he is handsome! Pretty head but still has that masculine look about him. Beautiful dark eyes (with haloes) and nose. Good length of muzzle. Medium length of neck leading to sound firm shoulders, short cobby body with excellent spring of rib. His tail was carried nicely over the back at all times. His coat was presented to perfection, silky texture that was cold to touch. He just needs to settle a little in front when moving but hes an over excited teenager at the moment. A very promising youngster. BEST DOG & BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.


1st Urquhart ‘BLACKPARK WATNEYS’ – this little lad had a smart outline. Lovely dark oval eyes, correct length of muzzle and good dentition. He has a sound front and rear, and excellent taiLset and carriage. He could do with a touch more body today. He has the most beautiful white silky coat that was prepared to perfection. Moved with drive and style. Well handled.


1st Jackson ‘BENATONE GOLD STRIKE’ – small, cobby and compact! This chap was shown in a pet trim today, but he had nothing to hide. Super breed type, cracking head and expression. Darkest of pigment, black pads and nails. You can appreciate his super body shape, excellent spring of rib, cobby body with a level topline. His rear was strong and well angulated. Moved with style.

OPEN DOG (2,0)

1st Gillies ‘AM CH DELCOST BEYOND INFINITY’ – this dog had a lovely silhoutte. He was a good size. Pretty head with dark eyes, his muzzle was shorter than 2nd. Clean dentition. He had a lovely head carriage, sound shoulders, straight front. Good body condition, nicely sprung ribs. Level back with correct taislet. Lovely silky coat that was presented well. Moved soundly around the ring maintaining his shape. well handled. RES BEST DOG.

2nd Jackson & Armstrong ‘AM CH HI-LITE GOLD CHARLOCK’ TAF – bigger dog than 1st, and a touch longer in body. Masculine head with strong muzzle, dark eyes but unfortunately spoiled by a touch of white in them. Very sound to go over on the table, fabulous spring of rib, spirit level topline and super taislet. Silky coat that was cold to touch, and presented in first class condition. Sound mover.


1st Jackson ‘BENATONE PERFECT STORM’ – adorable 6 months old puppy at her first show. She has the sweetest of heads, so pretty and cute. She has a little broad muzzle with good stop. Dark eyes. Short cobby body with good spring of rib. Her topline was level and she has a good taislet. She moved well once she got into her stride. Lovely happy temperament. Promising.


1st Jackson ‘BENATONE PERFECT STORM’ – repeat

2nd Eades ‘SEDAE HEARTS DESIRE’ – this little puppy wasnt as cobby as 1st, her body was more tube like. Taislet a fraction low. Very pretty head with all the essentials. Her coat was beautifully presented and she has a lovely silky coat. Moved well. Confident youngster.


1st Jackson & Rycraft ‘BENATONE PARIS WITH LOVE AT HEVUNDUG’ – 2 very different style of bitches. 1st, i loved the silhoutte of this bitch. She is so smart with proud head carriage, a cobby body with fabulous well sprung ribs, level topline and really good taislet and carriage.Beautiful head with broad muzzle of good length, a well defined stop and tidy dentition. Her eyes are dark with good haloes. Correct length of neck, well sloped shoulders and straight short front legs. Her rear is strong and well angulated. Her coat was presented to perfection, white silky coat that flowed when she moved. Strong sound mover with lots of grace and style. Well handled. BEST BITCH & BEST IN SHOW.

2nd Gillies ‘TA-JONS LIVIN ON TULSA TIME FOR DELCOST’ – A taller bitch with a shorter muzzle than 1st. She has such a pretty and feminine expression. Darkest of eyes and her stop is well defined. Her head is carried proudly on a good length of neck. Level topline with excellent tail set. She moved a dream around the ring, so sound and classy. Presented to the highest order. Expertly handled. RES BEST BITCH & RES BEST IN SHOW.



1st Eades ‘SEDAE HEARTS DESIRE’ – repeat



2nd Jackson ‘BENATONE PERFECT STORM’ – repeat



1st Jackson & Rycraft ‘BENATONE PARIS WITH LOVE AT HEVUNDUG’ – repeat

2nd Oliver ‘CANNON ISLAY PRINCESS’ – a well balanced girl who just needs more table confidence. She had a lovely silky coat that was well presented and cared for. Pretty head and expression. Sound front and rear and a level back with correct tailset. Moved ok when she settled down.


1st Rycraft ‘HEVUNDUG MISS ATTITUDE’ – i liked her size and shape. her head was ok, would have preferred better pigment. She had a spirit level topline, beautiful silky white coat, and shown in good body condition. Moved soundly.

2nd Jackson ‘BENATONE GOLD SCARLET’ – shown in pet trim, this bitch had much better pigment than 1st but obviously lacked the finish as shown in such a short clip. Super size and shape and moved like a little train. Expression spoilt a bit as showed some white of the eye. Well handled.


1st Rycraft ‘HEVUNDUG ANGELS DELIGHT’ – this bitch had a nice silhoutte and shape. would have preferred better pigment and her coat could have been silkier and straighter. I liked her muzzle and well defined stop. Very sound shoulders and strong rear. Lovely mover.


1st Balfour ‘SUNCUBE JUICYLICIOUS’ –  very pretty bitch who had lovely dark pigment throughout. Such a sweet expression. She was lovely to go over on the table. Soundly made with good shoulders, front and rear. Level back with good tailset and carriage. Expertly presented. Friendly outgoing disposition. A little over enthusiastic on the move, needs to settle.


1st Oliver ‘CANNON ISLAY PRINCESS’ – repeat


Special Awards Classes Judge Samantha Flannigan

I would like to thank the Maltese Club for the invitation to judge the special classes at their winter open show. I enjoyed the festive hospitality and I would like to thank the exhibitors for a fantastic entry.

Class A – Special Dog or Bitch (3,1):1st Eades Sedae Hearts Desire. A well proportioned young bitch with a true silk coat.  Good bite, well balanced head with nice dark eye and good pigment. Very settled on the move and mature for her age. 2nd Jackson’s Benatone Perfect storm. A high-spirited puppy which I enjoyed going over. Balanced head, on a truly cobby, well sprung body. Her first show I believe. She was a little unsettled on the move. Both of these bitches have a bright future ahead.

Class B – Special Yearling dog or bitch (4,2):1st Balfour’s Suncube Juciyicious. A confident bitch with an eye-catching profile on the move. Good bite, well balanced head, large dark eyes. Good reach of neck on well angulated shoulders leading to a good cobby body, short in loin with desired tailset. Moved like she owned the ring. 2nd Oliver’s Cannon Islay Princess. A smaller bitch with the sweetest of expressions. Good bite, deep pigmentation, good quality silk coat, good cobby body. She was a little unsure on the day but presented beautifully.

Class C – Open dog or bitch (12, 8):1st Jackson’s Am Ch Hi-Lite Gold Charlock (TAF). Beautifully presented dog with straight silky coat. Balanced head, good bite, well defined stop, dark eye with excellent pigment. Stright front with cobby body with the correct front and rear angulation. Moved with ease and confidence that demanded first place. 2nd Jackson’s Benatone gold starlet. Well balanced bitch with clean straight limbs and good reach on the move. Good bite, very sweet head with large dark eyes, well set back shoulders, cobby body and topped off with good tail set. Although in pet trim she carried herself with a look at me attitude so I could not deny her 2nd place. 3rd Rycraft’s Hevendug Tula my Dream Girl. Res. Rycraft’s Hevendug Miss Attitude. VHC. Katenny’s Lilac and Ribbons.


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