Show Dates and Judges 2020

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Saturday 18th January 2020  Manchester Dog Show Society  Judge: Mr H Ogden

Thursday  5th March 2020  Crufts  Judge: Ms S Tyler*

Saturday 28th  March 2020  U.K. Toy Dog Society  Judge: Mr P Moorby*

Sunday 5th April 2020 Maltese Club Open Show  Judge: Ms C Gwynne

Saturday 9th May 2020  Birmingham National  Judge: Mrs C Roe

Friday 15th May 2020 The Scottish Kennel Club  Judge:  Mr A D Stewart

Sunday 24th May 2020  Bath Canine Society  Judge:  Mrs J Sparrow

Friday 29th May 2020  Southern Counties  Judge:  TBA

Friday 26th  June 2020 Blackpool Ch. Dog Show  Judge:  Miss N. Miss T Eades*

Sunday 5th July 2020 Windsor Dog Show Society  Judge:  Mr B Lees*

Saturday 11th July 2020  East Of England Agricultural Society  Judge:  Mr T M Evans

Sunday 26th  July 2020  Leeds City & District C.A.  Judge:  Mr A Easdon

Friday 21tst August 2020  Welsh Kennel Club  Judge:  Mr l Studholme*

Sunday 30th August 2020  The Scottish Kennel Club  Judge: TBA ( No CCs)

Friday 4th September 2020  City Of Birmingham  Judge: TBA

Saturday 12th September 2020 Maltese Club Championship Show Judge: Miss C Ripsher*

Friday 18th September 2020  Darlington Dog Show Society  Judge:  MS R Dowsett*

Sunday 4th October 2020 Driffield Agricultural Society  Judge:  TBA

Sunday 27th September 2020  Belfast Dog Show Society  Judge:  TBA

Friday 9th October 2020  South Wales Kennel Association  Judge:  TBA

Friday 23rd October 2020  Midland Counties Canine Society  Judge:  TBA

Sunday 6th December 2020 Maltese Club Open Show Judge: TBA

Saturday 12th December 2020  Ladies Kennel Association  Judge:  Mrs V Blore*



  • Sunday 5th April 2020  Maltese Club Open Show & AGM : Judge Miss C Gwynne,  Normanton on Soar Village Hall, Leicestershire.

Schedule/ on line entry  at Arena Print/ Zooza NOW – CANCELLED

Special Award Classes – Judge Mr M Frostick

  • Saturday 12th September 2020 Maltese Club Ch. Show  Judge: Ms C Ripsher  @ Roade Village Hall, Roade, Northants – CANCELLED
  • Sunday 6th December 2020  Maltese Club Open Show  Judge:TBA – CANCELLED