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The Maltese Club 1934-2019

85th Anniversary Year

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Maltese Puppies

Are you looking to buy a Maltese puppy? Have you got puppies looking for new homes?

Contact our Puppy Co-ordinator,

Mrs. Jean Mann – Tel: 01926 612043

Do your research – read the advice on buying a Maltese.

website  themalteseclub.co.uk

Top Bar> Click> MALTESE DOG Scroll down> About the Maltese Dog > Tips for buyers > What to look for when buying a Maltese.

Where Can I Find a Reputable Breeder? Contact our Puppy Co-ordinator for Maltese Breeders- Jean Mann Tel 01926 612043

One of the most common questions in puppy enquiries is: “Where can I find a reputable breeder?”

And each time this question is asked my answer is the same – you need to meet Maltese owners and breeders face to face.

Ideal opportunities for meeting experienced Maltese owners is at Kennel Club Shows, such as Maltese Club Shows events – Maltese Fun Day, Cruft’s or other Championship & Open Shows.

First and foremost these shows attract a healthy number of Maltese breeders so prospective owners can meet the breed and learn what they are like in person.

The Maltese Club Secretary:-

Gwen Oliver  email – secretary@themalteseclub.co.uk





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