Maltese Club – RESCUE

The Maltese Club is fortunate to have an experienced Rescue Officer, Val Blore.

The role of the rescue officer is to re-home, with minimum disruption to both past owners and future owners, and most important of all, to the little Maltese who through no fault of their own are in need of help.

Maltese Rescue is available to assist in helping owners who may find themselves having to rehome their pet maltese due to a change in circumstances or ill health.   Also in cases of neglect, dogs can be required to be taken in via local authority agents or other welfare charities.

Maltese rescue relies entirely on donations to fund it’s continued work, in order to cover veterinary bills, food etc.

Some Maltese may require to stay with us for sometime until they are ready for their new homes due to medical or emotional needs and this does incur costs.


To adopt one of our rescued Maltese you will required to sign an Adoption Contract and agree to our code of ethics and pay the adoption fee prior to any dog being collected.

The Maltese Club have held many “Fun Days” in aid of our Rescue dogs over the years and all money raised  goes to funding medical treatment. These events are usually held in July when all Maltese  owners and our rescue Maltese owners meet  to enjoy fun races, fancy dress competitions and  other fun filled activities. For further information keep an eye on the website. Please don’t expect you can just pickup a Rescue Maltese. If you feel you could help give a needy Maltese a loving home – please  contact  Maltese Club Rescue –  Contact details below.

Val Blore
Tel: 07917 683757