About the Maltese Dog

Maltese are affectionate toy dogs, covered by a white long, straight, silky coat. … They are fearless in a wonderful way, and they are ‘game’ little athletes on the agility course or going the distance on a walk! They are certainly not “handbag” dogs.as they have been portrayed in recent years.

Maltese are a low-shedding breed, usually long-lived, and are happy to make new friends of all ages!

Once you have owned a Maltese, you will never want to be without one, they are a huge part of the family!

Do they like children? 

Yes they most certainly do. Children certainly like them as they can be viewed as a white teddy bear. They should be taught that they are NOT a toy.  Young children must be aware they must not play too boisterously and this should always be under supervision, as with any dog.

Do they mix with other dogs?
Yes, with supervision bearing in mind the size and temperament of the other dogs. Many Maltese live with and rule other dog breeds!

Do they like long walks?
Yes they are happy with at least a daily walk or to stay at home if it’s raining and you don’t feel like going out.
It’s the company they need as well as the exercise. They enjoy a good walk despite their size, they also sit well in a rucksack, watching out at the world, should they need a lift on the way home!

Do they like going in the car?
Yes as long as they are going  out with you they are happy to go anywhere.The best way for them to travel is in a crate or a travelling box which is anchored down to the floor of the car or with a safety belt around it to secure. This will help prevent motion sickness and make the dog feel secure.

Are they intelligent?
Yes they are, very knowing and quick to learn. Keeping their minds occupied prevents boredom

Do they bark a lot?  
They can be noisy if they are allowed to be! Usually they will alert you to strange noises etc  but if they are socialised correctly and have had basic training this should never be an issue for any dog.

Can I kennel them while I go on holiday?
It would be better to ask the breeder to look after your dog while you are away – most reputable breeders will be happy to comply.

Why can they only be left for short periods of time?
An  adult Maltese can be left for up to four hours at a time maximum – if you need to leave them any longer you should ask a trusted dog walker or friend to take them out  or expect a few toilet accidents. They are more likely to get bored and develop noisy and destructive habits.

Do they like sunbathing ?  Yes they always choose the warmest part of the garden to sunbathe but ensure their pale skin never burns especially if your Maltese’s hair has been trimmed or you have an older dog with a thinner coat. Use sun block where needed, special dog formulas are available for a good pet shop or online

Do they like treats?
Of course – they can be a good way of training your dog and rewarding good behaviour, as well as building a strong bond with your dog.