Judging at C.C. level

Aspiring to Judge at CC level

The NEW Judges Competency Framework will be coming into effect as of January 2019.

Requirements of a Breed Show Judge

First time Challenge Certificate Judges-

The Kennel Club requires the following mandatory requirements to have been achieved prior to a person being nominated to award with Challenge Certificates for the very first time.  These aspiring judges are required to:

  • 7 years experience in their own breed.
  • To have attended the Requirements of a Dog Show Judge seminar delivered by a Kennel Club Accredited Trainer, and passed the relevant examination on Kennel Club Regulations and Judging Procedures.The syllabus is based on the Show ‘F’ Regulations, the Kennel Club Code of Best Practice for Judges (including Guide for Judges and Ring Stewards and Code of Best Practice for the selection of Judges)and the Kennel Club Code of Conduct. Further pre-course learning including a film and a mock examination are available on the Kennel Club Academy, click here to subscribe.
  • To have attended the Points of the Dog Assessment conducted by a Kennel Club Accredited Trainer and passed. The Guidelines for an Assessment Candidate are available for download here. You may also wish to undertake the ‘Drag and Drop’ exercise on the Kennel Club Academy today, to assist with per-course learning.
  • To have attended a seminar delivered by a Kennel Club Accredited Trainer on Conformation and Movement. Subscribe to the Kennel Club Academyto undertake pre-learning and watch the Conformation and Movement series.
  • Attend at least one Breed Specific Seminar run in accordance with the Kennel Club Code of Best Practice for the Running of a Breed Seminar and Judging Competence Assessmentand passed and examination and/or assessment where applicable. Please speak to your club or council about future dates. To have bred and/or owned a minimum of three dogs when they obtained their first entry in the Kennel Club Stud Book (save in exceptional circumstances)
  • To have stewarded over a minimum of 12 days at shows (Open or Championship shows only).
  • For Gundog Breed Council/Club/Societies only. To attend any Field Trial or an Open Gundog Test (GWT) for a Gundog Breed in the relevant subgroup.

To find out dates for future Kennel Club seminars please refer to the seminar diary here.

Breed clubs, societies and councils will also have their own criteria they expect judges to achieve if they are to be recommended to judge by that club or council, please contact them for more information

Are you ready for JCF?
Take exams at home at any time
Online refresher judging exam for established judges
Online stewarding exam for new judges
Collect your free updated JCF booklet at Crufts
The Judges Competency Framework (JCF) has entered an exciting new phase with the launch of a Requirements of a Dog Show Judge (RDSJ) refresher exam, as well as a stewarding assessment, both of which have been added online to the Kennel Club Academy.

This latest development heralds the start of the JCF, which is a matter of months away, making it imperative that judges be prepared for this revolutionary new way of educating, assessing and listing judges in the UK.

A dedicated team of JCF staff will be on the main Kennel Club stand in hall 3 at Crufts where judges of all levels are being encouraged to ask about the JCF and especially these latest developments. Judges will be able to pick up an updated detailed guide to the JCF from the stand.

Existing CC judges and those who have already passed the main RDSJ exam are strongly encouraged to take this refresher exam online to meet their JCF obligation to pass this exam every five years. Taking the exam on the KC Academy is convenient and straightforward especially as it can be taken in the comfort of one’s own home.
The exam is based on the accompanying film, as well as on Kennel Club regulations and the Code of Best Practice for Judges and Ring Stewards. There is also a mock RDSJ exam on the Kennel Club Academy, which candidates can use as an educational tool. In both cases, the exams are compiled at random from a bank of questions.

Existing CC judges, if they do not aspire to be passed for an additional CC breed or breeds, have up until 31st December 2023 to pass an RDSJ exam. It is possible for judges to take this refresher exam now, although it must be borne in mind that the new computer system which will provide judges with their online personal account will not go live until the latter half of 2019.

For new judges working their way towards JCF Level 1 approval, there is now a ring stewarding film and accompanying multiple choice exam to pass. The exam is based on the content of the film, as well as Kennel Club regulations and the Code of Best Practice for Judges and Ring Stewards. What is learnt here will then be put to practical use as new judges must also complete six full days of stewarding. It is recommended that this incorporates a number of tasks within the stewarding role and is undertaken at various types of show.

Anyone who has previously met the Level 1 criteria, or is an existing CC judge, need not take the multiple-choice stewarding exam.
Caroline Kisko, Kennel Club Secretary, said: “These latest online developments point to the fact that the JCF is almost upon us. It is very important that judges ensure that they are ready for when the JCF begins, which is why specialist staff will be on hand to answer questions at Crufts.

We would urge judges to come along and find out more about these new online exams. We are confident that with the film and refresher exam being available via the KC Academy judges will appreciate the convenience of being able to complete this task in the comfort of their own home.”

An updated detailed guide to the JCF is available at bit.ly/2GSrxkU and paper copies will be available on the main Kennel Club stand in hall 3 at Crufts.
To access the Kennel Club Academy, please go to www.kcacademy.org.uk.

The Kennel Club has a designated JCF email address to which all JCF enquiries should be directed.

Please contact jcf@thekennelclub.org.uk.