Special Awards Classes MC Championship Show

Judge:  Angela Quinian – Ireland

Class A.  Special Puppy Dog or Bitch  (6)  (1Abs)


1st  Welbourn;  Delcost Gucci at Zumarnik

2nd  Gillies;  Delcost Silly Girl

3rd  Urquhart;  Blackpark Double Diamond

Res.  Welbourn;  Zumarnik Could It Be Magic

VHC.  Pearce;  Bubbleup All That Gliters


Class B.  Special Yearling Dog or Bitch  (7)  (1Abs)


1st  Welbourn;  Zumarnik Sinatra

2nd  Urquhart;  Blackpark Diamond Lilly

3rd  Oliver;  Cannon Islay Princess

Res. Denley;  Calluci Steppin Out In Style At Polonique

VHC.  Rycraft;  Hevundug Miss Attitude


Class C.  Special Open Dog Or Bitch (4)

1st.  Dowsett;  Ir Ch Zumarnik Hot Pursuit CW’ 12 ShCM

2nd  Welbourn;  Ch Zumarnik Scandalous JW

3rd  Rycraft;  Hevundug Miss Attitude

Res.  Rycraft; Hevundug Tula My Dream Girl

Special Award Classes Report.
Firstly, I would like to thank the committee of the Maltese club for kindly inviting me to judge the special classes at the Championship Show. I thoroughly enjoyed my day. Thank you to each one of you who took the time to both give me an entry and prepare your dog’s so beautifully for the show. I hope you all had an enjoyable day.

Special Puppy dog or bitch
1st Delcost Gucci at Zumarnik
Entered the ring gracefully with proud head carriage, and eye-catching pigment. Beautiful silky coat and moved around the ring with confidence. Presented to perfection.
2nd Delcost Silly Girl
Small very pretty bitch, silky coat, pleasing to go over but preferred movement of 1st on the day.
3rd Blackpark Double Diamond
Res Zumarnik Could It Be Magic
VHC Bubbleup All That Glitters

Special Yearling Dog or Bitch
1st Zumarnik Sinatra
Solid cobby little bitch, everything I like in a Maltese with a dash of naughtiness .Excellent pigment, correct tail set, silky coat. Unsettled on the move to begin with but once she settled I could not pass her by.
2nd Blackpark Diamond Lil
Loved this little girl’s expression, very sweet in the head with lovely dark eyes. Lost topline on the move.
3rd Cannon Islay Princess
Res Callucci Stepin out in style at polonique
VHC Hevundug Miss Attitude

Special Open Dog or Bitch
1st IR CH Zumarnik Hot Pursuit
Cobby well-covered dog moved foot perfect and for an older boy has an amazing coat. Presented to perfection.
2nd Zumarnik Scandalous
Loved the outline of this boy, thick heavy coat of silk, good pigment was willing him to move better on the day.
3rd Hevundug Miss Attitude
Res Hevundug Tula My Dream Girl

Judge Angela Quinlan. 2017