Benefits of becoming a member

Why you should become a Member of The Maltese Club


Membership of the Maltese Club is £12 .00 for a single member plus a one-off joining fee of £5.00 making a total of £17.00.

Joint membership is £ 15.00  plus a one-off joining fee of £5.00 making a total of £20.00. (Members from the same address.)

Your annual membership will keep you informed of The Maltese Club Events & Activities, and you will receive our Year Book and Newsletter.

Both beautiful publications full of information on Maltese.

To apply for membership you will need to print a copy of the Membership Application form and the Code of Ethics by clicking on the document links to the right.

Complete and sign both forms and send them with your subscription by cheque or direct into the Maltese Clubs Bank account (details on the membership form )

The Maltese Club Secretary – Ms Gwen Oliver at the address printed on the application form.

Once you have been confirmed as a member you will receive a Year Book & Newsletter each year as part of your membership.

The Maltese Club also produce a Maltese Calendar 2019 is ready now see details on the website

Please contact for further details.

We look forward to welcoming you as a Member.


What you get as a Member of the Maltese Club

  1. Year Book as part of your membership annually.

If you wish,  book a page and feature  your Maltese – Contact  Sue Tyler  ( Before 1st December 2018)

Newsletter – actually a book full of news and tips – received as part of your membership annually.

Calendar – Members can buy for friends and family.

  1. Access to club events and shows.
  2. Help and advice.  We are always here to help you!

( Calendar 2020 – To avoid disappointment  you could book your month now ready for next years Calendar, and feature your Maltese )


  • Spring – April -Maltese Club Open Show and AGM
  • Summer – July- Fun Day
  • Autumn – September – Maltese Club Championship Show
  • Christmas – December – Maltese Club Open Show
  • Winter – Seminar all about Judging Maltese


 The Maltese Club Secretary Ms Gwen Oliver

Telephone  Mob 07885 400067