Maltese Club Open Show 7th April 2019

Maltese Club Open Show 7thApril 2019

  Judge Angela Quinian – ( Foulkscourt )

I would firstly like to say I was thrilled to be asked to take this judging appointment at the Maltese Club Spring Open Show. Thanks so much to the committee for making me feel so welcome, and to each and every exhibitor who took the time to both give me an entry and for preparing your dog’s so beautifully to attend. I would also like to say a big thank you to my lovely steward Bruce , for helping the show to run so smoothly. Overall I felt the presentation and quality of the dogs was very pleasing. For me the dogs who won the higher accolades had coats that were sparkling white, clean faces, good dentition and most importantly, were solidly constructed with the darkest of pigmentation which I adore. The atmosphere and sportsmanship throughout the day was upbeat and positive and I hope all exhibitors had a pleasant and enjoyable day. 

One class I think needs some consideration going forward is the “Pet Trim Class”. As a professional groomer who competes at competition level we have Breed Standard trims and Pet Style trims. By calling a class a Pet Trim class it is suggesting it be judged on the trim alone rather than breed standard. I feel this class needs to be clarified to both judge and exhibitor and if the committee decides the class is to be judged solely on confirmation then maybe rename the class to “Clipped Class”

Special Pet Trim Dog (1 Entry)

1st Welbourn’s  Ch. Delcost Dapper by Marc at Zumarnik JW  Excitedly entered the ring, this solid cobby 10 year old male with darkest pigment and prettiest well balanced head. Moved fabulously once settled for his young handler. Coat texture was silky to the touch on minimal length.

Special beginners dog or bitch (3 Entries) 

1st Holland’s Unique White Star of Eternity At Sarasuma     2nd Oliver’s Sarasuma Penny Lane     3rd Bagguley’s Kenaiteen Love Affair

1st Holland’s Unique White Star of Eternity At Sarasuma 3 year old male, up to size with an abundance of coat which I can imagine takes much preparation. Once settled on the move he went well and was eager to please his handler. Sturdy boy with lovely dark eyes, and pigmentation. *also won the limit dog class (1 Entry)                                                                                                                        2nd Sarasuma Penny Lane  Very pleasing outline when stacked at first glance, this 8 month old bitch has a beautiful silky coat and dark pigment.                                                                                                                                                   3rd Bagguley’s Kenaiteen Love Affair

Veteran (5 Entries 2 Abs)


1st Pearson’s Sugar Princess For Vontese  11 year old bitch who bounced in to the ring with excitement eager to strut her stuff. The darkest of pigment from head to toe which I adored. Super dentition for her years. Silky coat, once settled moved with grace around the ring.  Well deserving of best veteran in show. (BVIS)                                                                                                2nd Welbourn’s Ch. Zumarnik Easy Tiger   Short backed cobby  10 year old bitch with the prettiest head and darkest halos. Smart mover, coat had silky texture on minimal quantity.                                                                                    3rd Parker’s Benatone Stargazer at Chrysline

Minor Puppy Dog no entries

Puppy Dog (1 Entry)

1st Hutchinson’s  Areown Hugo Boss  Well balanced broad head with correct almond eyes set in dark halos. Nicely bodied at only 10 months old, moved well around the ring with correct silky coat. Best puppy dog. (RBPIS) *also the winner of the Maiden Dog class (1 Entry)

Junior Dog  no entries                                                                                                                                   

Maiden Dog                                                                                                                                                                     1st Hutchinson’s  Areown Hugo Boss  ( Repeat )

 Novice Dog  Graduate Dog – no entries

Post graduate Dog (1 Entry)

1st Hutchinson’s Areown Harry Beau  Smart mover when entering the ring this 13 month old is a smaller boy with a sweet expression. Correct balanced head, held his top-line nicely on the move and kicked off from the rear showing every black pad as he moved.  Beautiful dark pigment, correct silky coat and glided around the ring for his handler. A very promising young man well deserving of best dog. (BD,BOS)

Limit Dog  1st Holland’s Unique White Star of Eternity At Sarasuma ( Repeat )

Open Dog (1 Entry)

1st Caytons and Welboun’s Zumarnik Blurred Lines.  A lovely picture when stacked this 4 year old boy has lovely dentation. Broad head with correct balance and deep stop with dark almond eyes. Cobby in type. I would have loved him with more body weight for his frame and darker pigment which could be forgiven for this time of year. Little unsettled on the move at times. Lovely boy well deserving of res best dog. (RBD)

Special Pet Trim Bitch (2 Entries)

1st Holland’s Lafford Twinkle. 4 year old bitch. Was quite vocal in her dislike for other dogs. Had been nicely trimmed in Asian Fusion pet trim. Once settled moved well.

 2nd Welbourn’s Ch. Zumarnik Easy Tiger. Loved this 10 year old bitch, moved  beautifully for her young handler. would have liked her to have more coat.

Minor Puppy Bitch (1 entry)  

                                                                                                                                                                                                          1st Zumarnik Over the rainbow.   Little nervous when first entering the ring. Once settled this 8 month old glided out and back showing super angulation. Nice length of neck lending in to a nice deep chest and tight elbows. She has the most beautiful heavy silky coat which I loved. Well bodied, short backed cobby with a nicely balanced head. Will be one to watch in the future. Very promising young lady.                                                (also winner of the maiden bitch class.)

Puppy Bitch (4 Entries 1 Abs)

1st Welbourn’s  Zumarnik Cheerleader I was pleasantly surprised when I put my hands on this 11 month old bitch I expected a smaller frame underneath all that coat but what I felt was a solid cobby sturdy bitch with a good reach of neck and laid back shoulders in to tight elbows. Pigment could be darker but then she is a youngster and we are just out of winter. She seemed a little uneasy in the ring at first but once settled she moved beautifully. Lovely silky coat and nicely balanced throughout. 

 2nd Bagguley’s Kenaiteen Love Affair Very pretty 10 month old bitch with dark     pigment and gorgeous dark halos. Correct silky textured coat and handled well Preferred movement of 1st   (winner of the novice bitch class- 1 entry).                                                                                                                                                                           3rd Farmer’s Sangria Guilty Pleasure

Junior Bitch (3 Entries, 2 Abs)

Rycrafts Benatone Chelsea Boots Very pretty 15 month old bitch with a well-balanced broad head which was nicely filled in under eyes. Gorgeous dark halos and pigment.  Correct silky coat. Good reach of neck which sat on nicely sloped shoulders. cobby body with a good spring of rib. Held a good straight top-line and kicked off from the back on a well angulated rear on the move.(RBB)(RBIS)

Maiden Bitch  1st Zumarnik Over the rainbow. ( Repeat )                                                                                        Novice Bitch    1st Bagguley’s Kenaiteen Love Affair ( Repeat )              

Graduate Bitch ( 2 Entries )

1st Welbourn’s Zumarnik Miss America. At first glance this 11 month old bitch was a beautiful balanced picture stacked. Feminine girl, with correct silky coat already to the floor at her young age. Dark halos, on her correctly proportioned head, correct scissors bite, and the sweetest of expression as her eyes followed me up and down the room as she stood. Cleverly handled, she didn’t disappoint on the move either. Moving freely with elegance showing everything is just in the right place. * Also winner of the limit bitch class. (BIS)(BPIS)(BB).                                                                                                                                                                          2nd Parkers Zumarnik Moon Daisy May. Nice compacted 22 month old bitch, abundance of coat with nice texture. Good dentition. Moved well once settled.

Post Graduate Bitch no entries

Limit Bitch ( 3 entries 1 Abs )

1st Welbourn’s Zumarnik Miss America.  2nd Bagguley’s Kenaiteen Love Affair ( Repeat )

Open Bitch no entries Brace no entries   

                                                                                                                                                                                                 Judge Angela Quinian – ( Foulkscourt )

Special Award Classes Judge Jim Murdoch

I would like to thank the committee for inviting me to judge the Special Award Classes.  I appreciated the tartan spikes in my rosette!  I have a particular interest in small white dogs and thoroughly enjoyed going over a lovely selection of dogs.  My thanks to the exhibitors who presented them after already competing in the open show.  I renewed my acquaintance with Bruce, an excellent steward, who has guided me before and he ensured that the whole process ran easily, and I thank him for his help.

Before starting the classes, I was also very happy to judge the Junior Handling Class.

Class A 6-11 years (1,1) 1. Kristia Welbourn-Godddard, who handled a veteran.  She had an overall look of assurance as she entered the ring and continued to handle with confidence and ability throughout.  She displayed her dog – showing off his excellent shape and tail carriage on the table and moved him positively with encouragement but also watching that he remained balanced, with head held high.  She tackled the handling movement very well.  A well-deserved winner!

Special PD/B (6,5) 1st Welbourn’s Zumarnik Miss America, this puppy stood out in a good class with a shape straight from the breed standard.  Her head was well proportioned, with round, very dark eyes. Correct bite and the darkest of pigmentation all round. Her topline was level and it was retained on the move. She has a straight front with well laid shoulders meaning that she walked with ease and she held her head with that “look at me” attitude. Excellent tail set and carriage that completed the picture on the move.  I was not surprised to learn that she had actually won BIS.

2nd Bagguley’s Kenaiteen Love Affair, who also had the correct shape.  Her head proportions were correct – with muzzle in particular – with good dark eyes and well-developed halos.  She had a straight front with sloping shoulders that ensured positive movement. Her tail carriage was excellent with a level topline obvious. Her coat texture was correct but lacked a little length but no doubt it will grow.

3rd Welbourn’s Zumarnik Cheerleader.

Res. Welbourn’s Zumarnik Over the Rainbow.

VHC Farmer’s Sangria Guilty Pleasure.

Special YD/B (1,0)

Special OD/B (2,1) 1. Pearson’s Sugar Princess for Vontese, a veteran bitch who despite her 11 years retained a beautiful shape in profile with head still held proudly on the table and on the move.  Her head proportions were excellent with sufficient muzzle – that had a welcome breadth to it. Her eyes were dark and bright and gave her face a very pleasing focus. On the move she retained her level topline with a correct tail carriage.

Special Awards Judge Jim Murdoch