Maltese Club Open Show & Funday 22nd July 2018 Results


The Maltese Club Open Show our Judge Averil Cawthera-Purdy – Sunday 22nd July 2018

Firstly could I thank the committee for their kind invitation and the exhibitors and members of the Maltese Club for making me so welcome.   A lovely summer day, though not too hot for the dogs thank goodness and a garden party atmosphere, all making for a lovely day.  My thanks to my efficient steward for helping the ring run so smoothly and to the ladies working in the kitchen for looking after me so well.

BIS was the BB Am Ch Delcost Thrill of Victory (Re Import) owner bred by Mrs C Gillies.  Very much my star of the day and well named, she is stunning .  Her carriage and accuracy on the move put her into a class of her own on the day. Excellent well held topline.  Beautiful head and expression, excellent pigmentation, nicely balanced throughout and finished off with a correct silky coat that was even cool to the touch on this hot day.

RBIS, BOS and Best Veteran Welbourn, Dowsett & Tyler’s Ir Ch Zumarnik Hot Pursuit ShCM.  Not showing his age at all.  Loved his head and expression.  Good to go over with everything in the right place and correctly angulated.  Good pigmentation and moving strongly and soundly. Excellent coat.

BPIS and RBB Jackson’s Benatone Chelsea Boots.  Very much a baby of 6 ½ months but ozzing quality. Loved her attitude.  Stunning head and expression.  Good pigment and correct coat for age.  Excellent hindquarters and tail set.  Everything where I would want it and moving with style and accuracy once settled.

RBPIS Clayton & Welbourn’s Bubbleup Bitter Sweet. Lots of promise in this baby who has still to learn her trade.  Good head and expression, excellent pigment.  Well balanced under my hands.  Somewhat erratic on the move at the moment but with plenty of attitude and when she goes properly she goes well.

RBVIS 2ndbehind RBIS in VD was another stunning example of the breed.  Holland & Lees 11 yrs young Ch Ir Ch Lafford Trade Marc.  Another stunning veteran who has so much quality and type. Loved his proud carriage and arrogance. Beautiful coat.  Soundly constructed and good under my hands. Good mover but not quite the verve of my winner.

RBD Cayton’s  Zumarnik  Blurred Lines. I liked this honest lad.  Good head and expression, heavy silk coat. Good tail placement and carriage. Well put together and sound moving.

Other Winners:

Junior  Novice & Graduate Bitch 1st: Parker’s Zumarnik Moon Daisy May.  Won here on movement and pigmentation  Good eye although  in head I would prefer less foreface, although her expression is still sweet.  Correct coat. Good movement.

Junior & Novice Bitch 2ndSulek’s Kiki-Se-La-Vi (imp Poland) Good head and expression and close up to winner in most respects but not as strong in topline and lacking some pigment.

Graduate Bitch 2nd:  Enright’s Zumarnik Petite Fleur Issy Good shape, pretty head and expression would just prefer darker eye.

Post Graduate and Special Beginners Bitch 1st: Oliver’s Cannon Islay Princess.  Good head although eye could be more expressive.  Well-made overall but slightly upright in shoulder which affects her stride and topline on the move.  Good pigmentation and coat quality.

Limit Bitch 1st: Hutchinson’s  Areown Jasmine.  Lots to like in this little lady.  Good head and expression, excellent pigmentation.  Proud neck and correct body, would prefer slightly more lay back on shoulder but lovely hindquarters.  Good mover.

Veteran Bitch 1st: Welbourn’s Ch Zumarnik Easy Tiger.  10 yrs young and in her ‘bikini’.  Still full of herself and so good to go over.  Lovely strong movement.

Judge Averil Cawthera-Purdy

Maltese Fun Day  Sunday 22ndJuly 2018 :-  Judge Pauline Johns

A bright sunny day welcomed in the Fun Day which added to the lovely atmosphere created by everyone that attended.   Thank you to the committee for inviting me to judge numerous classes and to share in such a fun filled and happy event.

We started with Junior Handling with Eli winning the under 6’s and Kristia the under 10 year old categories.  Two super youngsters who gave it their all.

The over 35 handlers were interesting!  Peter won this class with his idiosyncratic handling with Lee closely following and Janet narrowly missing out with a third.  I would have to say that the adults could learn a lot from the youngsters!

Best 6-12 month puppy was Caroline’s Ace, a delightful Papillion with star quality. Close up was Doreen’s Treacle, a most impressive Powder Puff.

Best Veteran is always a delight to judge and both entries were a credit to their proud owners.  Kristia’s Tiger won on the day with Janet’s Truffles taking second place, both charming Maltese.

I threw tradition out of the window whilst judging Best Rescue.  For heavens sake how can you have a first and second with Rescues so my decision was to discard the second place rosette and give them both a first much to the delight of their lovely owners.

Best Condition was a tough one between the three Maltese.  Mo’s Izzy won this one by a hairs width with Ray’s Percy and Barbara’s Glory coming in close behind

The Cutest Dog or Bitch were all cute but Val’s Japanese Chin, Bambi, played his card right by cocking his head from side to side and so won the class. Patricia’s Teaser and Kristia’s Pom, both Maltese, were gorgeous too.

How do you judge the Most Friendly Dog?  Simple!  You sit down on the ground and see which one gives you the most kisses.  Karen’s Pippin knew how to work the judge and out kissed the rest!  A clear winner. Val’s Griffon, Ringo, and Barbara’s Maltese, Glory, gave me enough kisses to thoroughly deserve 2ndand 3rdplace.

Kristia’s Envy had those eyes that melt the heart and so won the Most Appealing Eyes class with Barbara’s Glory and Berry’s Dollar taking 2ndand 3rd.

Prettiest Bitch went to Mo’s Izzy; she just gorgeous. Caroline’s Papillion, Daisy, is another stunner as is Barbara’s Glory.

Only one entry for Most Handsome Dog but Patricia’s Teaser totally deserved his 1stplace. What a super charmer he is.

The Dog The Judge Would Like to Take Home class.  I chose my winner, picked her up and walked towards the car park and my car.  Oops! As the judge I thought I could take her home! Much to the relief of Barbara I brought her Maltese, Glory, back!  What a cutie. Val’s Bambi was another I could have sneaked out!

Best Puppy under 6 months went to Kirsty’s Papillion Cookie. Adorable.  Val’s Griffon, Ringo, and Kirsty’s Smooch also did well considering they are all still babies.

Best Trick was taken over by humans with Kristia and Lee trying their best. Practice will make perfect … so keep practicing!

I was Mortified to find there were no entries for Best Biscuit Catcher but I will get over it!

Best In Fun Day Show went to Barbara’s Cookie who I nearly took home and placed in Most Appealing Eyes and Most Friendly dog.

Best overall Junior Handler went to Kristia who worked hard with all her entries through the day.

Finally there was a lot of activity as everyone prepared for the Fancy Dress Class.  Without doubt it was the hardest class of the day to judge as the standard was so high. I really would have liked to have given out 4 or 5 first places!  Sentimentality took over as I chose ‘Lest we forget’ with 5 or 6 Maltese in coats adorned with poppies behind an impressive banner.

I do have to mention the model aeroplane with two ‘pilot’ dogs (and their handler) dressed in uniform and flying goggles as well as

‘There was an old woman who lived in a shoe’,

‘Basket Case’

and a Maltese dressed in a super Hero costume.

Well done to all the entries and what an impressive way to end a super day.

Judge Pauline Johns