Maltese Club Open Show – Sunday 8th April 2018

MALTESE CLUB OPEN SHOW 8thApril 2018 –  Judge Robert O’Neill

I really was very honoured to be invited to judge at this show; and thank the members and committee for electing and welcoming me. What a pleasant surprise to arrive to see the rosettes in the tricolour. A lovely touch which I appreciated. I am grateful to the exhibitors that entered and showed under me. I appreciate the care involved in looking after a Maltese coat and admire everybody making their best efforts. I thanks everybody for their sportsmanship and the lovely atmosphere on the day.

One thing I especially love to see is a white stain free face, it makes the heads so appealing. As a matter of preference, I also love to see bows that complement the head proportions, as oversized ostentatious bows can sometimes upstage the natural pretty features on a Maltese head which can create imbalance for the picture the judge sees. A few winter noses which can be forgiven, considering the spate of bad weather we’ve had. I love to see the contrast of dark pigment against sparkling pearly white.

Overall my impression was mouths are good, and teeth generally clean. For the most part, dogs were well bodied, and tight at elbow, with a majority also having lovely coats. Front out-turned pasterns were something I was a little disappointed in. My dog and bitch winners were two dogs of merit and I agonised between the two considerably. In the end, the bitch’s pleasing picture on the move and showmanship gave her the edge for BIS.


(1 entry 0 absent )

  1. Oliver’s Cannon Islay Princess – Pleasant head. Petite girl with a nice coat, well presented. A little shy today but got better as she went. Lovely when returning on the move.

Veteran Dog or Bitch(2 entries 0 absent)

  1. Dowsett, Welbourn & Tyler’sIr Ch Zumarnik Hot Pursuit CW12 Sh CM – At nine and a half, what a youngster! Generous eye and dark haloes giving a soft pleasing expression. Excellent, spotless dentition. Excellent pigment on head and right down his back. A very obviously happy dog that still enjoys showing. Undeniably a very worthy winner. Top marks for presentation and handling. Happy to deservedly award him BD, BVIS, BOS.
  2. Holland & Lees’ Ch Ir Ch Lafford Trade Marc W08, CW09/10 ShCM – Eleven year old gentleman. Smart moving boy. Liked his reach of neck and proud head carriage. He was unfortunate to come up against 1st place who ticked all the boxes on the day. I love to see veterans in such a high maintenance breed shown, and all credit is due to both owners and dogs.

Minor Puppy Dog(1 entry 0 absent)

  1. Tyler’s Zumarnik White Tuxedo – 8 month old chap that will grow in confidence. A nice picture on return. I am sure with maturity he can improve.

Puppy Dog(3 entries 2 absent)

  1. Frostick’s Zumarnik Blue Moon Quite a nice puppy. Didn’t want to walk on the day, but this does not detract from his qualities to go over on the table. Lovely coat of correct texture. A nice balanced picture when stacked. Well pigmented. A lot to like about him.

Junior Dog(0 entries)

Maiden Dog(1 entry 0 absent)

  1. Tyler’s Zumarnik White Tuxedo

Novice Dog(1 entry 0 absent)

  1. Tyler’s Zumarnik White Tuxedo

Graduate Dog(3 entries 2 absent)

  1. Parker’s Chryslines Flash Dance – After a reluctant start, he was tenderly handled to become an extroverted, happy boy. Quite nice to go over, lovely spring of rib and decent body. The coat is well grown and actually of good texture. With a little tlc would look smashing I am sure. A higher tailset would benefit the overall picture.

Post Graduate Dog(1 entry 0 absent)

  1. Lees & Holland’sSarasuma Eternity Marc at Lafford – I really liked this dog. Carries himself very well and coat in excellent condition, really well presented. Love his head presentation. Correct and spotless mouth. Just enough weight as is correct for his frame and stature, adding overall balance to the dog. A natural showman handled to his best. Holds top line beautifully which adds to a lovely shape especially from side profile. RBD.
  2. Parker’s Chryslines Flash Dance

Limit Dog (2 entries 0 absent)

  1. Pearson’s Vontese Chimaera George – A lovely dog to find on the day. To me, he is a true, honest Maltese in so many ways. He has true movement and his temperament made me smile. Though he has a more traditional head than we have recently become accustomed to, he is balanced in every way. Coat of lovely texture and carries tail well.Holds his shape and topline well and won on movement and coat texture.
  2. Holland’sUnique White Star Of Eternity at Sarasuma – I did really like this dog’s head. He has a pleasing and pretty expression and I love his eyes. His coat is certainly profuse, and I appreciate requires a lot of care from his owners. Didn’t seem to like the floor.

Open Dog(2 entries 2 absent)


Minor Puppy Bitch(1 entry 0 absent)

  1. Sangria She’s Got The Look – Ultra feminine girl. Her pretty head suggests a mischievous character, and she has a glint in her eye.I have a soft spot for bitches of this type.Though she is small, everything is in the right place. She is short backed and cobby. Very clever presentation. She got more confident as the day went on and I was pleased to award her BP.

Puppy Bitch(1 entry 0 absent)

  1. Parker’s Zumarnik Moon Daisy May – A sprightly mover. To go to the root and through, one of the nicest coats of the day that really has potential. Nicely assembled front.

Junior Bitch(2 entries 1 absent)

  1. Mrs A Sulek’s Kiki Se La Vi – Babydoll head is my lasting image of this bitch, and though extreme, certainly pleasing to look at.Lovely texture to coat and well presented. Nose pigment will improve with sunshine. Happy temperament on the move with a decent front. Attentively handled. Her presentation saw her success in later class.

Maiden Bitch(1 entries 0 absent)

  1. Parkers’ Zumarnik Moon Daisy May

Novice Bitch(2 entries 0 absent)

  1. Sulek’s Kiki Se La Vie
  2. Parkers’ Zumarnik Moon Daisy May

Graduate Bitch(3 entries 2 absent)

  1. Hutchinson’s Areown Jasmine – My surprise ‘find’ of the day. I really loved this bitch, just my type. Classic feminine head. Everything in the right place, lovely front assembly. Compact and cobby body. Nice tailset and a content showgirl. Fantastic quality coat and dark pigment. She pushed hard for top placing in the challenge and with maturity is one I’d love to see do well.

Post Graduate Bitch(2 entries 0 absent)

  • Oliver’s Cannon Islay Princess
  • Rycraft’s  Hevundug Tulia My Dream Girl

Limit Bitch(2 entries 0 absent)

  1. Jonusaite’s Emperatrice Grand Galattea– Another bitch that really pleasantly surprised me. On the move she is elegant and refined, yet to go over she has substantial build and body. A very smart mover, which highlights very correct construction. Good coat, excellently presented. Glad to see her as RBB on the day and know that she has the potential to do very well in the future.
  2. Rycraft’s Hevundug Miss Attitude – This girl had lovely dark haloes. Another that was well bodies.

Open Bitch(2 entries 1 absent)

  1. Jackson & Rycraft’s Benatone Paris With Love at Hevundug –Cleverly handled making the best of her, and highlighting her attributes. A very pleasing head and expression. Darker haloes would complete the picture when summer comes. Impressive front carriage. Coat not only ample, but also of correct silky quality. Put down to perfection. Lovely sturdy bitch and muscled body to go over with wide depth of chest and abundant rib. A bitch of really nice quality overall and very worthy winner. BB, BIS.


Brace(1 entry)

  1. Rycraft’s Hevundug Tulia My Dream Girl/Hevundug Miss Attitude – Consistent in type and eager to please their sensitive handler. 

Robert O’Neill